Monday, April 23, 2012

Truth and Grace

I read a quote from Andy Stanley today.  "The TRUTH is that we are sinners, and the GRACE is that Christ does not condemn us.  We are at our best when we embrace both truth AND grace and don't let go of either."

It was a great "put me in my place" moment to realize that the deep, deep love He has for me extends also to those who are difficult to love.  He doesn't love me any more or any less than anyone else.  He calls sin, sin, and then paid for it.  And then extends grace and does not condemn us for the sin.  Here is where the tension is for me.  To live within the truth and grace.  To know that the truth is that I am no better or no worse than the one I have the most trouble loving or forgiving.  So often, I want to extend grace based upon circumstances or upon my feelings.  I want to extend forgiveness when I feel it is justified, or when I feel it is deserved.

But Christ calls us to extend grace as He has extended grace.  Freely, without question.  It is in that tension that I am supposed to live, to be like Christ, to know the truth and still give the grace.  I tend to lean heavy on the truth side, as if it justifies my hard feelings or actions.  Imagine if Christ did that.

I have grown so much these last few months.  I have seen Jesus be more to me than He ever has.  I am trying to be more for Him than I ever have.

I remind myself of all that You've done, and the life I have because of Your Son...Love came down and rescued me..... Kari Jobe