Monday, December 12, 2011


The Grinch.  That is who I usually identify with at this time of year.  I usually feel rushed, busy, overwhelmed.  However, this year it is the opposite.  I am feeling very festive, fully experiencing every part of this season.  I am enjoying the Christmas songs, I am loving the lights, our tree was up a week before Christmas., celebrating the Advent with my family this year has been new and fresh.  I am still overwhelmed, but a completely different kind of overwhelmed.   I am overwhelmed at the fact that Jesus came to this earth as a baby.  I am overwhelmed that He lived on this earth, and faced highs and lows just like me.  I am overwhelmed that He chose to give Himself up on the cross to redeem me - the one who fails Him often.  I am overwhelmed that I can talk with Him whenever I want to, and that He listens and cares.  I am overwhelmed that He did all of this, just for me.  Just to walk this season of life with me.  Just to make Himself known to me in such a special way.  Just to overwhelm me with who He is. 

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