Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introducing Deltoid Dustin

So last week, my friend and I were at the Y working out during Homeschool P.E.  It was a Thursday, and we were doing our normal whine through the boring dreadmill or fake it till we made it on the evilliptical, then we went over to the Life Fitness machines.  In our Y, these machines are the ones that are calibrated so that once you are a number on one of them, you are the same number on them all.  I have no idea why I felt like you needed to know that.  I digress.  We were discussing the awkward squat machine and adapted it to a less awkward squat.  Enter Deltoid Dustin (that may or may not be his real name) (he is a personal trainer).  He is this young fella,  extremely nice, respectful, angelic face, great teeth, arms of steel.  He comes over to observes that we are incorrectly using the machine.  We lament over how awkward it is, yada, yada, yada, all the while looking at the clock and being thankful that this conversation is ticking the minutes away.  Then he says, "Why don't you go use the squat machine in the free weight section?

We look at each other, blink, and look at him.  That section of the Wellness Center is ominous.  Big guys are over there grunting and shooshing.  Not to mention that there is an invisible wall that once you pass through, there is the smell of sweat.  Big guy sweat.  But against all logic, we follow him over, and try the squat machine, find that he does know what he is talking about because we really like it, and vow to use it from now on.

Then it happens.  "Hey", he says, "next week I'll run you all through a circuit training."  I perk up, "I love circuits!!" My friend looks at me like I have lost my mind.  I continue: "That was my favorite thing to do when I was in Boot Camp class!!"  He grins with those sparkling teeth and says, "Great!"

Fast forward to today.  This morning I see him when he comes in the Y.  He looks at me and says "Are you ready for me to kick your butt today?"  Ummm, I don't think that was ever in the conversation.  But the competitive me says, "Yeah, right.  I can take it."  When will I ever learn?  Brandy and I enter the Wellness Center this afternoon, and there is the twinkling smile. I remind him that I could possibly be old enough to be his mother.  From that point on, he proceeds to run us through what he called circuits, we called them painful.  I am positive that he stopped the movement on the clock, because that hour felt like 3. 

Not to mention we were in the ominous Free Weight section.  For an hour we burpeed, mountain climbed, squatted, stair stepped, arm rowed, lunged, supermanned, push upped (pushed ups?) and some other forms of exercise with weights that this body had never fathomed to use, all with the grunting and shooshing big guys.  Sweet mercy, were my arms burning.  But it felt great!  Although Brandy may never speak to me again.  And Deltoid Dustin may or may not have said that we were great entertainment for his afternoon in the Wellness Center.  And I informed him that what happens in the Wellness Center stays in the Wellness Center.  Unless I decide to blog about it :)

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  1. Sounds like a little taste of Bob Harper! I totally related to the invisible line. I walked in to the free weight section the other day, but only because NO ONE was in there. Yes, it still smelled like big sweat. Did I touch any of the shiny lose weights or machines. Not a chance. No Deltoid Dustin to talk me into it! I just got right back on the bike and in my comfort zone! :) Wish you could come show me what you learned!