Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today I turn 40.  So far, it feels good.  It's like turning over to a brand new page in a journal.  Clean, fresh, unwritten, open for new opportunities.  It seems appropriate that I would turn a brand new decade as we are entering a brand new season of life.  A season that is clean, fresh, unwritten, open for new opportunities.  After 20 years in ministry, we are done.  We are no longer a pastor's family.  My husband now has a regular job, my kids are regular kids, we are attending a church, finding our place, figuring out who we are, who we want to be.  We are literally discovering a new life in Christ. 

We are discovering that we can potentially be better Christians by just being Christians and not being in leadership.  We are discovering that our family is better for the change. We are discovering that we are better for the change.  We have learned that the battle is not ours to fight, and the Lord is our defender.  We have learned that sometimes you have to let go of what you have so that you can embrace something brand new.  We have purposed that we will be the supporters of our pastor and his family that we always wished we had.  We are discovering the hope of tomorrow. 

So today I turn 40, and begin blogging about this new life we have.  Some days will be insightful, some days will be funny, some days will be stories of things to which we are adjusting, but all days will point to the glory of the Lord and the new thing He is doing in our lives.   My favorite verse through this transition time has been Isaiah 57:16:  I live in the high and lowly places, but also with the low-spirited, the spirit crushed.  And what I do is put new spirit in them, get them up and on their feet again.  So thankful for that!!

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  1. Alyson! I know these feelings all too well. Please email me and let me know how I can help you! You were such a source of comfort to me when we were leaving Missouri.

    Racheeb at gmail dot com